Title 20
Fish and Wildlife

Index of Chapters

Chapter 20-1 General Provisions

Chapter 20-2 Licensing

Chapter 20-2.1 Commercial Fishing Licenses

Chapter 20-2.2 Recreational Saltwater Fishing License

Chapter 20-3 Marine Fisheries Council

Chapter 20-3.1 Marine Fisheries Management Modernization

Chapter 20-3.2 Rhode Island Freedom to Fish and Marine Conservation Act

Chapter 20-4 Commercial Fisheries

Chapter 20-4.1 Menhaden Management Area

Chapter 20-5 Fish Traps

Chapter 20-6 Shellfish

Chapter 20-7 Lobsters and Other Crustaceans

Chapter 20-8 Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact

Chapter 20-8.1 Shellfish Grounds

Chapter 20-9 Cooperation in Federal Projects

Chapter 20-10 Aquaculture

Chapter 20-11 Freshwater Fishing

Chapter 20-12 Fish Cultivation

Chapter 20-13 Hunting and Hunting Safety

Chapter 20-14 Birds

Chapter 20-15 Deer Hunting

Chapter 20-16 Furbearing Animals

Chapter 20-17 Artificial Propagation of Game

Chapter 20-18 Wildlife Management Areas

Chapter 20-18.1 Nongame Wildlife Fund

Chapter 20-19 Field Trials and Shooting Preserves

Chapter 20-20 Eradication of Starfish [Repealed.]

Chapter 20-21 Freshwater Fishing

Chapter 20-22 Minnows

Chapter 20-23 Reciprocal Enforcement of Fishing Laws

Chapter 20-24 State Reservations

Chapter 20-25 Artificial Propagation of Game

Chapter 20-26 Importation of Live Game

Chapter 20-27 Hunting Licenses

Chapter 20-28 Hunting Safety

Chapter 20-29 Birds

Chapter 20-30 Deer Hunting

Chapter 20-31 Hares and Squirrels

Chapter 20-32 Furbearing Animals

Chapter 20-33 Fox Bounties

Chapter 20-34 Possession and Sale of Game

Chapter 20-35 Field Trials and Shooting Preserves

Chapter 20-36 Preservation of Marine Fisheries Resources

Chapter 20-37 Endangered Species of Animals and Plants

Chapter 20-38 The Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative of 2011

Chapter 20-39 Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact