Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 8.1
Land Surveyors

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-8.1-8

§ 5-8.1-8. Board of registration for professional land surveyors — Records and reports.

(a) The board of land surveyors shall keep a record of its proceedings and of all applications for registration, which applications shall show:

(1) Name, date of birth, and last known address of each applicant;

(2) Date of the application;

(3) The last known place of business of the applicant;

(4) The education, experience, and other qualifications of the applicant;

(5) The type of examination administered;

(6) Whether or not the applicant was accepted or rejected;

(7) Whether or not a certificate of registration was granted;

(8) The date of action of the board; and

(9) Any other information that the board deems appropriate.

(b) Board records and papers of the following classes are of a confidential nature and are not public records:

(1) Examination material for examinations not yet given;

(2) File records of examination problem solutions;

(3) Letters of inquiry and references concerning applicants;

(4) Completed board inquiry forms concerning applicants;

(5) Investigatory files where any investigation is still pending; and

(6) All other materials of like nature.

(c) The record of the board of land surveyors is prima facie evidence of the proceedings of the board and a certified transcript by the board is admissible in evidence with the same force and effect as if the original were produced.

(d) A complete roster showing the names and last-known addresses of all registered professional land surveyors and surveyors in training and any sole proprietorship, partnership, limited-liability partnership, corporation, or limited-liability company receiving a certificate of authorization shall be available on the board’s website.

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