Title 44

Chapter 20
Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Tax

R.I. Gen. Laws § 44-20-22

§ 44-20-22. Reimbursement for mutilated and other stamps — Claims.

The distributor shall be reimbursed, at a price equal to ninety-eight and three-fourths percent (98.75%) of their face value, for stamps purchased by the distributor which, in the process of affixing to packages, have become torn, mutilated, or unfit for use, or which, after affixing, have become detached, or in cases of the withdrawal from the market in this state by a manufacturer, of cigarettes upon which stamps have been impressed, or in those cases that the tax administrator, with the approval of the attorney general, after proof satisfactory to the tax administrator, determines that the distributor ought equitably to be reimbursed. All claims for reimbursement shall be made under oath to the tax administrator upon forms to be obtained by the tax administrator, and contain the information and proof the tax administrator may require. Claims for reimbursement shall be paid by the general treasurer from the general fund, upon certification by the tax administrator and with approval of the controller.

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