Title 42
State Affairs and Government

Chapter 64
Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-64-9.1

§ 42-64-9.1. Inspection powers.

(a) The Rhode Island commerce corporation is authorized to carry out all inspection, surveillance and monitoring procedures necessary to determine, independent of information supplied by any discharger or permit holder compliance or non-compliance by the person with pretreatment requirements prescribed by the corporation.

(b) The corporation or its duly authorized employees or agents, upon presentation of identification and appropriate credentials, is authorized:

(1) To enter without delay and at reasonable times, those premises, both public and private, either receiving services from the corporation, or applying for a permit for discharge into the corporation’s wastewater collection and treatment system;

(2) To examine any and all records kept in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by the corporation, or required by permit or compliance order or maintained pursuant to § 42-64-7.9;

(3) To have access to and inspect or test any monitoring or testing equipment or monitoring or testing method, or to sample any effluent or discharge during regular working hours, or at other reasonable times, or at any time a discharge is reasonably believed to present an imminent danger to human health or the environment.

(c) Any person obstructing, hindering or in any way causing to be obstructed or hindered the corporation or its duly authorized employees or agents in the performance of their duties, or who shall refuse to permit the corporation or its duly authorized employees or agents entrance to or egress from any premises, buildings, plant or equipment or other places belonging to or controlled by the person in the performance of his or her duties shall be subject to the civil and criminal penalties set forth in §§ 42-64-9.2 and 42-64-9.3.

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