TITLE 40.1
Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals

CHAPTER 40.1-5.4
Division of Mental Health

SECTION 40.1-5.4-5

§ 40.1-5.4-5. Purposes.

The purposes of this chapter are as follows:

(1) To advance the public interest, to promote, safeguard and protect the human dignity, constitutional and statutory rights and liberties, social well-being and general welfare of all residents with serious mental illness of the state;

(2) To provide or to secure certain social, protective, supportive, rehabilitative, emergency, and other types of appropriate services for adults with serious mental illness;

(3) To establish, maintain and coordinate a comprehensive, effective, and efficient system of services for persons with serious mental illness;

(4) To promote the coordination of all available services, both general and specialized, for adults with serious mental illness, under public and private auspices; and

(5) To ensure that adults with serious mental illness who receive services from agencies or facilities licensed by the department pursuant to § 40.1-24-1 et seq., receive psychiatric, social, rehabilitative, housing assistance, and case-management services as prescribed in an individualized treatment plan, developed with the participation of the adult with serious mental illness, and when possible, his or her family or guardian or interested friend.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1994, ch. 247, § 1.)