Title 31
Motor and Other Vehicles

Index of Chapters

Chapter 31-1 Definitions and General Code Provisions

Chapter 31-2 Division of Motor Vehicles

Chapter 31-2.1 Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Program

Chapter 31-3 Registration of Vehicles

Chapter 31-3.1 Certificates of Title and Security Interests

Chapter 31-3.2 Snowmobiles and Recreational Vehicles

Chapter 31-3.3  Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Chapter 31-4 Transfer of Vehicles

Chapter 31-5 Dealers’, Manufacturers’, and Rental Licenses

Chapter 31-5.1 Regulation of Business Practices Among Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers

Chapter 31-5.2 Consumer Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Warranties

Chapter 31-5.3 Protection of Used Motor Vehicle Purchasers

Chapter 31-5.4 Consumer Enforcement of Used Motor Vehicle Warranties

Chapter 31-5.5 Global Warming Index Act

Chapter 31-6 Registration Fees

Chapter 31-6.1 Bus Taxation Proration and Reciprocity Agreement

Chapter 31-7 Foreign Vehicles

Chapter 31-8 Offenses Against Registration and Certificate of Title Laws

Chapter 31-9 Theft and Related Offenses

Chapter 31-10 Operators’ and Chauffeurs’ Licenses

Chapter 31-10.1 Special License for Motorcycles, Motor Scooters, and Other Motor Driven Cycles

Chapter 31-10.2 Voluntary Termination of Operators’ and Chauffeurs’ Licenses

Chapter 31-10.3 Rhode Island Uniform Commercial Driver’s License Act

Chapter 31-10.4 Driver Privilege Cards and Permits

Chapter 31-11 Suspension or Revocation of Licenses — Violations

Chapter 31-12 Applicability of Traffic Regulations

Chapter 31-13 Traffic Control Devices

Chapter 31-14 Speed Restrictions

Chapter 31-15 Passing, Use of Lanes, and Rules of the Road

Chapter 31-16 Starting, Stopping, and Turns

Chapter 31-16.1 Idling

Chapter 31-17 Right-Of-Way

Chapter 31-18 Pedestrians

Chapter 31-19 Operation of Bicycles

Chapter 31-19.1 Motorized Bicycles

Chapter 31-19.2 Motorized Tricycles

Chapter 31-19.3 Regulation of Rental of Motorized Bicycles, Motor Scooters and Motorized Tricycles in New Shoreham

Chapter 31-19.4 Prudence Island Low Speed Vehicles

Chapter 31-19.5 City of Newport — Commercial Low-Speed Vehicles

Chapter 31-19.6  Low-Speed Vehicles [Effective July 1, 2024.]

Chapter 31-20 Special Stops Required

Chapter 31-21 Stopping, Standing, and Parking Restrictions

Chapter 31-21.1 Traffic Stops Statistics

Chapter 31-21.2 Comprehensive Community-Police Relationship Act of 2015

Chapter 31-22 Miscellaneous Rules

Chapter 31-22.1 Pupil Transportation Vehicles

Chapter 31-23 Equipment and Accessories Generally

Chapter 31-23.1 Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact

Chapter 31-23.2 Tampering with Odometers

Chapter 31-23.3 Nontransparent Windshields and Windows

Chapter 31-24 Lighting Equipment and Reflectors

Chapter 31-25 Size, Weight, and Load Limits

Chapter 31-26 Accidents and Accident Reports

Chapter 31-27 Motor Vehicle Offenses

Chapter 31-27.1 Aggressive Driving

Chapter 31-28 Parking Facilities and Privileges

Chapter 31-29 Reciprocity Agreements

Chapter 31-30 Highway Safety [Repealed.]

Chapter 31-31 Safety Responsibility Administration — Security Following Accident

Chapter 31-32 Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future

Chapter 31-33 Safety Responsibility Violations — General Provisions

Chapter 31-34 Responsibility of Owners of Rental Vehicles

Chapter 31-34.1 Rental Vehicle Surcharge

Chapter 31-35 Responsibility of Parking Lots

Chapter 31-36 Motor Fuel Tax

Chapter 31-36.1 Fuel Use Reporting Law

Chapter 31-36.2 Promotion of Biofuels Act of 2011

Chapter 31-37 Retail Sale of Gasoline

Chapter 31-38 Inspection of Motor Vehicles

Chapter 31-39 Auto Wrecking and Salvage Yards [Repealed.]

Chapter 31-40 Habitual Offenders

Chapter 31-41 Administrative Payment of Certain Traffic Offenses [Repealed.]

Chapter 31-41.1 Adjudication of Traffic Offenses

Chapter 31-41.2 Automated Traffic Violation Monitoring Systems

Chapter 31-41.3 Automated School-Zone-Speed-Enforcement System Act of 2016

Chapter 31-42 Abandoned Motor Vehicles

Chapter 31-43 Administrative Adjudication Court [Repealed.]

Chapter 31-44 Mobile and Manufactured Homes

Chapter 31-44.1 Mobile and Manufactured Home Lot Rental Increases

Chapter 31-44.2 Abandoned Mobile and Manufactured Home Act

Chapter 31-45 Noise Limits for Motor Vehicles

Chapter 31-46 Rhode Island Salvage Law

Chapter 31-47 Motor Vehicle Reparations Act

Chapter 31-47.1 Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program

Chapter 31-47.2 Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicle Emission Inspections

Chapter 31-47.3 The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act

Chapter 31-47.4 Uninsured Motorist Identification Database Procedure

Chapter 31-48 Motor Vehicle Chop Shop, Stolen and Altered Property

Chapter 31-49 Ignition Interlock Systems

Chapter 31-50 Office of Automobile Theft and Insurance Fraud

Chapter 31-51 School Bus Safety Enforcement

Chapter 31-52 Funeral Procession Act

Chapter 31-53 The 2010 Automobile Airbag Fraud Prevention Act