We, the people of this State which state shall henceforth be known as the state of Rhode Island, grateful to Almighty God for the civil and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing upon our endeavors to secure and to transmit the same, unimpaired, to succeeding generations, do ordain and establish this Constitution of government.






Section 1. Rights and duties of public bodies unaffected Continuation of laws, ordinances, regulations and rules.

The rights and duties of all public bodies shall remain as if this Constitution had not been adopted with the exception of such changes as are contained in this Constitution. All laws, ordinances, regulations and rules of court not contrary to, or inconsistent with, the provisions of this Constitution shall remain in force, until they shall expire by their own limitation or shall be altered or repealed pursuant to this Constitution.


Section 2. Validity of bonds, debts, contracts, suits, actions, and rights of actions continued.


The validity of all public and private bonds, debts and contracts, and of all suits, actions, and rights of action, shall continue as if no change had taken place.


Section 3. Continuation of office holders.


All officers filling any office by election or appointment shall continue the duties thereof, until the end of the terms to which they were appointed or elected, and until their offices shall have been abolished or their successors elected and qualified in accordance with this Constitution or laws enacted pursuant thereto.


Section 4. Implementing legislation for Article III, Sections 7 and 8, and Article IV, Section 10.


On or before June 1, 1988, the general assembly shall adopt implementing legislation for Article III, Sections 7 and 8, and for Article IV, Section 10.