R 78
99-S 325
Enacted 3/12/99

S E N A T E    R E S O L U T I O N


Introduced By: Senators Perry, Gibbs, Roberts and Roney

Date Introduced : February 3, 1999

WHEREAS, There are increasing numbers of Rhode Islanders with cognitive impairments that limit their decision making capacity; and

WHEREAS, A significant number of these cognitively impaired individuals are persons age sixty and over and considered to be frail elders; and

WHEREAS, Many of these cognitively impaired elders are brought to the attention of the Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs for evaluation and assessment for protective services and care planning; and

WHEREAS, There frequently are no family members or other qualified adults willing and capable of serving as full or limited guardians for cognitively impaired elders who lack the necessary resources to pay for the services of a private guardian; and

WHEREAS, Rhode Island does not presently have a system of public guardianship or a formal, coordinated program for recruiting, training and supervising volunteer guardians or surrogate decision makers; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Rhode Island Senate respectfully directs the Department of Elderly Affairs to study this issue and prepare a report with its findings and recommendations for providing guardians and surrogate decision makers to cognitively impaired elders. In preparing its report the Department of Elderly Affairs shall seek the advice of the public including other state and private agencies that have a role in serving individuals with cognitive impairments and organizations concerned with addressing the needs of Rhode Island elders. The Department of Elderly Affairs shall submit its report on the guardianship needs of frail elders to the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader of the Senate, and the Chairman of the Long Term Care Coordinating Council by January 15, 2000; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and he hereby is authorized and directed to transmit a duly certified copy of this resolution to the Director of the Department of Elderly Affairs.

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