LA 24
99-S 374A am
Enacted 6/3/99

A N     A C T


Introduced By:Senators Walsh, Algiere, and Breene

Date Introduced : February 3, 1999

It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:

SECTION 1. Sections 4, 5, and 6 of "An Act Passed at the 1974 January Session of the General Assembly entitled "An Act To Incorporate The Charlestown Fire District" are hereby amended to read as follows:

Section 4. The qualified taxable inhabitants of said Charlestown Fire District at each annual meeting and at any other meeting when vacancies occur, shall elect {DEL a district fire chief and DEL} a board consisting of five (5) engineers. Four (4) of the engineers shall serve two (2) year staggered terms and the non-fire department affiliated engineer shall serve a one-year term. {DEL The fire chief shall be elected for a two (2) year term. DEL} The board of engineers shall be responsible for the care, management, and control of all property and equipment owned and/or maintained by the fire district which is used for the prevention {DEL of DEL} {ADD or ADD} extinguishment of fire. The board of engineers shall appoint a {ADD district fire chief, ADD} moderator, clerk, treasurer, a three (3) member board of canvassers, {ADD a three (3) member board of assessors, ADD} and a tax collector for {ADD a ADD} one {DEL (10 DEL} {ADD (1) ADD} {DEL years DEL} {ADD year ADD} term {DEL s DEL} whose duties and powers within said district shall be such as like officers in this state have in their respective towns. The board of engineers shall have the right to terminate any appointment for just cause.

Section 5. Said taxable inhabitants of said Charlestown fire district qualified to vote as aforesaid, shall have power at any annual meeting of said district to make annual appropriations for purchasing fire apparatus and other equipment used to fight fires, land and buildings for keeping the same, making cisterns and reservoirs and other arrangements for water supply, and such other appropriations of money for such purpose as may be necessary to adequately protect the inhabitants and property in said district from the hazards of fire, said appropriations not to exceed a total for any one (1) year of one-fifth of one percent (1/5%) of the ratable assessed property within said Charlestown fire district. And said taxable inhabitants of said Charlestown fire district qualified to vote as aforesaid at each annual meeting of said district shall order the assessment and levy and collection of taxes on all persons and corporations and their property, real and tangible personal, within said district and the collection of said taxes and said taxes so ordered, shall constitute a lien on said {ADD person's real ADD} property for a period of three (3) years from the time of assessment of the same by the assessors of said district {ADD and, if the real property be not alienated, then until the taxes are collected ADD}; and said taxes so ordered shall be assessed by said assessors according to the last valuation made by the assessor of taxes of the town of Charlestown previous to the assessment of said district adding however any taxable property which may have been omitted by said town assessors or afterwards acquired; and in assessing and collecting said taxes ordered by said district, such proceedings shall be had by the {ADD officers of said district, as near as may be, as are required to be had by the ADD} corresponding officers of towns in this state in assessing and collecting town taxes; and every vote of any said district meetings ordering a tax shall prescribe the date when said assessment shall be made and when said taxes are due and payable and the rate of any of said taxes shall not exceed twenty cents ($.20) for each one hundred dollars ($100.00) of assessed valuation of the property so assessed, but may provide a penalty of not exceeding twelve percent (12%) per annum on all taxes not paid when due; provided, however that {DEL no bill shall be sent which is under DEL} {ADD each tax payer shall be required to pay at least ADD} a minimum charge of five dollars ($5.00).

Section 6. Said Charlestown fire district shall have power to borrow money and issue its promissory notes for the same but said borrowings or debt outstanding at any one time shall not exceed the sum of {DEL two hundred thousand ($200,000.00) DEL} {ADD Five hundred thousand ($500,000.00) ADD}dollars; and said borrowings shall be authorized at any annual or special meeting of said district and shall provide the maturities of any borrowing and the officer or officers of said district who shall issue and sign any promissory note or notes of said district and the rate of interest on any such note or notes.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.

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