96-S 3394

Passed in Senate

Jun. 6, 1996.


WHEREAS, In the autumn of A.D. 312, Constantine, not yet emperor, led his army over the seven thousand-foot pass of Mont Cenis from Gaul into Italy, to confront Maxerntius, the oppressive ruler of the western part of the Roman Empire. The armies faced each other near Saxa Rubra in the plain of the Tiber, just north of Rome. On the eve of battle, Constantine saw in the sky a cross of light over the sun. Written in stars around it were the words (in Greek): "By this sign shalt thou conquer." Inspiring his army with the vision, he had them paint the chi, rho, the monogram of Christ, on their shields and led them to an overwhelming victory. Constantine, thereafter, became a conscientious and energetic Christian; and

WHEREAS, Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor of Rome and of the world, established The Constantinian University on the Palatine Hill in Rome more than 1,665 years ago. In former ages The Constantinian University has conferred all the traditional university degrees, as well as the ad eundem gradum and the licentia ubique docendi. Presently, The Constantinian University is chartered by the State of Rhode Island and is authorized to confer honorary degrees and honorary university titles, and to conduct seminars, symposia, conferences, round table discussions, lectures, et cetera. The Constantinian University is affiliated with Johnson & Wales University of Providence, Rhode Island, and is recognized by the Office of Higher Education of the State of Rhode Island. The Constantinian University and the Sovereign Constantinian Order of Saint George, to which The Constantinian University has been annexed for several centuries, are recognized throughout the world as subjects of public International Law; and

WHEREAS, The Constantinian University is holding its Twelfth International Academic Convocation on July 12, 1996, in The Chapel of Empress Saint Theodora of Johnson & Wales University, and is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of its legal existence in the United States of America, and the tenth anniversary of its affiliation with Johnson & Wales University; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That this Senate of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations hereby acknowledges the many outstanding contributions of this ancient and illustrious mother-university located in Cranston, and the dedication, devotion and brilliant leadership during the past twenty-six years of its Magnificent Rector and President, Professor Dr. Domenic A. Vavala, by proclaiming Friday, July 12, 1996, as "Constantinian University Recognition Day"; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and he hereby is authorized and directed to transmit duly certified copies of this resolution to the Constantinian University and to Professor Dr. Domenic A. Vavala.

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