96-H 9157

Passed in House

May 23, 1996.


WHEREAS, There has been a management study of the department of elementary and secondary education which addresses the responsibility of the legislature "to advocate and to provide constructive criticism" regarding education; and

WHEREAS, There has been a superior court decision indicating the legislature as a "state school committee"' the speaker of the house of representatives is requested to convene a legislative commission to study education; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That a special legislative commission be and the same is hereby created consisting of five (5) house members from the majority party and two (2) members from the minority party. The senate shall also be invited to participate through the majority leader. If the invitation is accepted then the majority leader shall nominate five (5) members of the majority party and two (2) members of the minority party to serve on the commission.

The speaker shall designate a staff member to serve as project coordinator and the senate majority leader, if senators serve on the commission, shall designate a staff member as a co-coordinator of the project.

The duties of the commission shall include but not be limited to a review of previous reports regarding education in Rhode Island, a review of the composition and duties of the board of regents, a review of the functions of the department of education, and a review of educational reform and school financing. The commission may seek input from the general public, elected official, members of the educational community, members of the business community, and parents.

Forthwith upon passage of this resolution the members of the commission shall meet at the call of the speaker of the house and organize and shall select from among the legislators a chairperson. Vacancies in said commission shall be filled in like manner as the original appointment.

The membership of said commission shall receive no compensation for their services.

All departments and agencies of the state shall furnish such advice and information, documentary and otherwise, to said commission and its agents as is deemed necessary or desirable by the commission to facilitate the purposes of this resolution.

The speaker of the house is hereby authorized and directed to provide suitable quarters for said commission; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the commission shall report its findings and recommendations to the general assembly on or before December 31, 1996.

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