R 330
2000-S 3060
Enacted 6/28/2000

S  E  N  A  T  E     R  E  S  O  L  U  T  I  O  N


Introduced By:  Senators Tocco, Igliozzi, Graziano, Celona and Kells Date Introduced:  June 28, 2000

WHEREAS, June 28, 2000 is proclaimed as Johnston Police Department Day in the State of Rhode Island; and

WHEREAS, For their tenacious and tireless perseverance and swift resolution in the investigation of the June 9th murders of two innocent, young adults in the town of Johnston, we honor all members of the Johnston Police Department, particularly, Chief Richard S. Tamburini, Captain David M. aRusso, Detective Melvin D. Steppo, Detective Carl J. Tirocchi, Detective Albert A. Faella, Detective Raymond J. Pingitore, Detective Joseph Arcuri, Jr., Detective Michael A. Petrucci, Detective John L. Nardolillo, Jr., Detective Alan J. Ross, Detective Bernard J. Pisaturo, Detective David G. DeTora, Sr., and Detective William F. Warren; and

WHEREAS, Members of this outstanding team of law enforcement professionals worked throughout the night, meticulously piecing together evidence that, within a 20 hour period, brought about the identification and apprehension of five individuals who were each charged with two counts of murder, two counts of kidnapping, one count of carjacking and one count of conspiracy to commit a carjacking; and

WHEREAS, Dogged persistence, coupled with professional investigative practices displayed by each and every member of the Johnston Police Department during this intense investigation, exemplifies each member's deep commitment to serve and protect the people of the Town of Johnston and State of Rhode Island; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That this Senate of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations hereby proclaims June 28, 2000 as Johnston Police Department Day. We commend each member of this extraordinary group for their heroic work which stands as a model for law enforcement agencies throughout the world; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and he is hereby authorized and directed to transmit a duly certified copy of this resolution to the Johnston Police Department.

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