R 12
2000-H 6802
Enacted 1/11/2000

H O U S E   R E S O L U T I O N


Introduced By: Representatives Kennedy, E. Coderre, Burlingame, Barr and Kilmartin
Date Introduced : January 11, 2000

WHEREAS, Nurses were the first professional group to provide anesthesia services in the United States. Established in the late 1800's, nurse anesthesia has since become recognized as the first clinical nursing specialty; and

WHEREAS, Serving as pioneers in anesthesia, nurse anesthetists became involved in the full range of specialty surgical procedures, as well as in the refinement of anesthesia techniques and equipment; and

WHEREAS, In 1909, the first formal educational program preparing nurse anesthetists was established. In 1914, Dr. George Crile and his nurse anesthetist, Agatha Hodgins, went to France to establish hospitals that would provide for the care of the sick and wounded members of the Allied Forces. Since World War I, nurse anesthetists have been the principal anesthesia providers in combat areas of every war in which the United States has been engaged. Nurse anesthetists have been held as prisoners of war, suffered combat wounds during wartime service, and have lost their lives serving their country; and

WHEREAS, The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, founded in 1931, now represents more than 27,000 nurse anesthetists nationwide. The AANA promulgates education, practice standards and guidelines, and affords consultation to both private and governmental entities regarding nurse anesthetists and their practice. The AANA Foundation supports the profession through awards of educational and research grants to students, faculty and practicing CRNA's; and

WHEREAS, Rhode Island is very fortunate to have two schools of Nurse Anesthesia which graduate approximately 16 students each year. We are extremely grateful to CRNA's who are present in almost every hospital, ambulatory surgical center and office in the State of Rhode Island; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, That this House of Representatives of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations hereby proclaims January 9 - 15, 2000 as "Nurse Anesthetists' Week" in the State of Rhode Island. We thank the 125 members of the RIANA for their outstanding commitment to providing safe, effective anesthesia care for all patients undergoing surgeries in the State of Rhode Island and we congratulate all the members of the AANA on the celebration of more than 100 years of dedication to their profession; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and he is hereby authorized and directed to transmit a duly certified copy of this resolution to the Rhode Island Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

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