LA 58
2000-S 2954
Enacted 7/20/2000

A  N     A   C   T


Introduced By:  Senator McDonald Date Introduced:  May 9, 2000

It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:

SECTION 1. Sections 5 and 8 of the act to incorporate the Bonnet Shores Fire District, passed at the January session, A.D. 1932, as amended, are hereby amended to read as follows:

Sec. 5. The district may adopt such rules, regulations, ordinances, and by-laws as may be reasonably necessary to enable it to fulfill its corporate purposes and may provide a penalty for the breach of such rules, regulations, ordinances or by-law which for each offense shall be a fine not exceeding fifty dollars, one-half of the fine imposed to be for the use of the district, or imprisonment for a term of not exceeding thirty days, which penalties may be imposed, upon complaint of the district or any of its officers, by the Fourth Division District Court at Washington County. Town of Narragansett Municipal Court at Narragansett, Rhode Island. Rules, regulations, ordinances or by-laws may also prescribe the powers and duties of officers and committees of the district; the conduct and control of the district inhabitants and the guarding, destruction or removal of property in times of conflagration or other casualty; the regulation, protection or maintenance of water pipes, hydrants, safety valves, electric wires, poles and similar apparatus and equipment, and the maintenance or use of drains or sewers; the suppression of nuisances; and the protection of life and property.

Sec. 8. The valuation of taxable property within the district for debt limit purposes and for purposes of district assessment and taxation shall be made by the assessors of the town of Narragansett as of December 31st in each year. The district assessors shall assess taxes on all taxable inhabitants and taxable property within the district as of December 31st in each year and the same shall be payable on the first business day of the succeeding October 15th August 15th in each year. District taxes shall constitute a lien upon the property assessed and if not paid when due shall carry an interest penalty at the rate imposed from time to time by the town of Narragansett. The owner of assessable land, where on a lessee shall have erected a movable building or improvement, shall be liable for the district tax assessed against such building or improvement. If any person against whom a district tax has been assessed shall establish, in manner as provided by law, that the valuation placed upon his assessable property within the district to the town tax assessors is excessive and that in consequence the town must refund or rebate a portion of its tax thereon, such person shall be entitled to receive and shall receive from the district a refund or rebate of his district tax in like proportion. In the assessment and collection of district taxes its officers shall follow generally the practice and procedure adopted by corresponding officers in the town of Narragansett. Provided, however, that the district may adopt such reasonable by-laws with respect to the assessment, collection and payment of taxes as it deems proper.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.

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