97-H 5859
Effective Without the Governor's Signature
Jul. 8, 1997


It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:

SECTION 1. Section 42-13-2 of the General Laws in Chapter 42-13 entitled "Department of Transportation" is hereby amended to read as follows:

42-13-2. Organization and functions of the department. -- (A) The department shall be organized into such divisions as are described in this section and such other divisions, subdivisions, and agencies as the director shall find are necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the department.

(1) Division of administration. This division shall be headed by an assistant director for administration. The division shall provide assistance to the director in managing and controlling the work of the department, shall collect bridge tolls and administer any financial support made available to support railroad passenger or freight services. The division of administration shall include:

(a) A business management office which shall provide central personnel, financial programming, payroll, and other management services to all divisions and agencies of the department.

(b) A legal counsel who shall prepare or review any legislation pertaining to the department, assist in preparing contracts, handle claims against the department, and provide other legal services as required.

(c) A public information office which shall inform the public of the programs and projects of the department, answer inquiries by the public, prepare and release progress reports and other publications, and provide photographic services.

(d) An audits office which shall continuously audit all of the activities of the department and insure compliance with state and federal laws and administrative regulations.

(e) A property management office which shall acquire all real property for the department, make appraisals of property, manage real property under the department's jurisdiction, and operate a family and business relocation program. The property management office shall manage those state piers and related facilities which are used for port or waterways transportation purposes.

(2) Planning division. This division shall be headed by a chief of transportation planning. The division shall assist the division of planning in the department of administration to prepare transportation elements of the long-range state guide plan. The division will prepare functional and area plans, project plans, improvement programs, and implementation programs which are consistent with the long-range state guide plan. The division will undertake corridor, route location, feasibility, facility needs, and other studies as required to support the work of the department. The division shall collect and analyze statistical and other data on all types of transportation needs and facilities.

(3) Public works division. This division shall be headed by a chief engineer. The division shall be responsible for the design and engineering of roads, bridges, transit facilities, airport facilities, port and waterways facilities, and all other transportation facilities. The division shall prepare contracts and specifications for all construction projects undertaken by the department. The division shall supervise the execution of all construction projects. The division shall perform traffic engineering functions, make surveys and soil studies, test materials, and perform other functions necessary to support the department's design and construction activities.

(4) Maintenance division. This division shall be headed by a maintenance engineer. The division shall maintain all roads, bridges, airports, piers, port terminal facilities, and other transportation facilities and landscaped areas which are under the jurisdiction of the department of transportation. The division shall install and maintain traffic control signs and signals. {ADD This division shall, not later than September 1, 1997, enter into a contract or contracts with a firm or firms pursuant to which such firm(s) would be responsible for arranging for repairs and/or replacement of state property under the division's jurisdiction damaged by motor vehicles and/or collecting amounts due to the state arising from such damage from insurers, provided that the compensation of such firm(s) shall be paid solely by such insurers.ADD}

(5) Airports division. This division shall be headed by an assistant director for airports. The division shall operate all state-owned airports, heliports, and other facilities for air transportation, including passenger and cargo terminals, parking facilities and other supporting facilities, emergency services, and security services. The division shall regulate aeronautical matters and shall supervise the location, maintenance, operation, and use of privately-owned civil airports, landing areas, navigation facilities, air schools, and flying clubs.

(B) The director may assign such other responsibilities to the divisions and agencies as he or she shall find appropriate and may reassign functions to divisions and agencies other than as set out in this section if he or she shall find this reassignment necessary to the proper and efficient functioning of the department or of the state's transportation system.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.

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