Title 9
Courts and Civil Procedure — Procedure Generally

Index of Chapters

Chapter 9-1 Causes of Action

Chapter 9-1.1 The State False Claim Act

Chapter 9-2 Parties

Chapter 9-3 Liens Against Causes of Action

Chapter 9-4 Commencement of Proceedings

Chapter 9-5 Writs, Summons and Process

Chapter 9-6 Pleadings

Chapter 9-7 Judgment on the Pleadings [Repealed.]

Chapter 9-8 Nonsuit and Discontinuance

Chapter 9-9 Jury Lists

Chapter 9-10 Selection of Jury

Chapter 9-11 Superior Court Practice

Chapter 9-12 District Court Practice

Chapter 9-13 Notices and Stipulations

Chapter 9-14 Equity Practice

Chapter 9-15 Referees, Auditors, and Masters in Chancery

Chapter 9-16 View by Jury

Chapter 9-17 Witnesses

Chapter 9-18 Depositions

Chapter 9-18.1 Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act

Chapter 9-19 Evidence

Chapter 9-19.1 Newsman’s Privilege Act

Chapter 9-20 Decisions, Special Findings and Assessment of Damages

Chapter 9-21 Judgments, Orders, and Decrees

Chapter 9-22 Costs

Chapter 9-23 Motion for New Trial [Repealed.]

Chapter 9-24 Appellate Proceedings

Chapter 9-25 Execution

Chapter 9-26 Levy and Sale on Execution

Chapter 9-27 Chancerization [Repealed.]

Chapter 9-28 Proceedings in Aid of Execution

Chapter 9-29 Fees

Chapter 9-29.1 The Court Improvement Project Fund [Repealed.]

Chapter 9-30 Uniform Declaratory Judgments Act

Chapter 9-31 Governmental Tort Liability

Chapter 9-32 Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act

Chapter 9-32.1 Uniform Foreign Money Claims Act

Chapter 9-33 Limits on Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation

Chapter 9-34  Uniform Foreign-Country Money Judgments Recognition Act

Chapter 9-35  Uniform Registration of Canadian Money Judgments Act