Title 8
Courts and Civil Procedure — Courts

Index of Chapters

Chapter 8-1 Supreme Court

Chapter 8-1.1 Selection of Supreme Court Justices [Repealed.]

Chapter 8-2 Superior Court

Chapter 8-3 Justices of Supreme, Superior, and Family Courts

Chapter 8-4 Clerks of Supreme and Superior Courts

Chapter 8-4.1 Court Clerks’ Incentive Pay

Chapter 8-5 Court Secretaries, Court Reporters, and Electronic Court Reporters

Chapter 8-6 General Powers of Supreme and Superior Courts

Chapter 8-7 Sessions of Supreme and Superior Courts

Chapter 8-8 District Court

Chapter 8-8.1 Domestic Assault

Chapter 8-8.2 Traffic Tribunal

Chapter 8-8.3 Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Chapter 8-8.4 Abusive Litigation.

Chapter 8-9 Probate Courts

Chapter 8-10 Family Court

Chapter 8-11 Motion Days and Terms of Court

Chapter 8-12 Conditional Escheat of Unclaimed Funds in Court Registries

Chapter 8-13 Judicial Council

Chapter 8-14 Inactive Records

Chapter 8-15 Court Administration

Chapter 8-16 Commission on Judicial Tenure and Discipline

Chapter 8-16.1 Judicial Selection

Chapter 8-17 Retired Justice Trial Act

Chapter 8-18 State and Municipal Court Compact

Chapter 8-19 Language Interpreters — Use of Language Interpreters in Legal Proceedings