Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 84
Division of Building, Design and Fire Professionals

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-84-3.1

§ 5-84-3.1. Establishment of the state building office.

(a) There shall be the state building office within the department of business regulation’s division of building, design and fire professionals which shall consist of: the office of the state building commissioner, the board of registration for professional engineers, the board of registration for professional land surveyors, the board of examination and registration of architects, the board of examiners of landscape architects, and the contractors’ registration and licensing board.

(b) The department of business regulation is hereby designated as the administrative entity responsible for the operation of the state building office. In the discretion of the director of business regulation, the department shall provide appropriate staff support to the state building office, and any such staff may be shared within the state building office as necessary.

History of Section.
P.L. 2019, ch. 88, art. 4, § 3.