Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 51
Rhode Island State Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-51-13

§ 5-51-13. Partnerships, limited-liability partnerships, corporations, and limited-liability companies.

(a) Partnerships, limited-liability partnerships, corporations, and limited-liability companies may not be licensed as registered to practice landscape architecture or to use any form of the title “landscape architect” in connection with the corporate or partnership company name unless authorized by this chapter.

(b)(1) The right to engage in the practice of landscape architecture shall be a personal right, based upon the qualifications of the individual evidenced by his or her license and shall not be transferable.

(2) No person shall practice landscape architecture, or use the title “landscape architect,” or any title, sign, card, or device to indicate that this person is practicing landscape architecture, or is a landscape architect, unless that person has secured from the board a license in the provided manner.

(3) All final drawings, specifications, plans, reports, or other papers or documents involving the practice of landscape architecture, as defined in § 5-51-1, for use in this state shall be dated, and shall bear the signature and seal of the landscape architect or landscape architects who prepared or personally supervised their preparation.

(c) The practice or offer to practice landscape architecture as defined by this chapter by a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited-liability partnership, corporation, or limited-liability company (hereafter “the firm”), through one or more landscape architects licensed under the provisions of this chapter, shall be permitted; provided, that those licensed landscape architect(s): (1) Shall be in direct control of the practice; (2) Shall exercise personal supervision of all personnel who act on behalf of the firm in professional and technical matters; (3) Are registered under the provisions of this chapter; and (4) The firm has been issued a certificate of authorization by the board of examiners of landscape architects.

(d)(1) Within one year after enactment of this chapter, every firm must obtain a certificate of authorization from the board, and those individuals in direct control of the practice, and who exercise direct supervision of all personnel who act on behalf of the firm in professional and technical matters, must be registered with the board.

(2) The certificate of authorization shall be issued by the board upon satisfaction of the provisions of this chapter and the payment of the required fee. This fee shall be waived if the firm consists of only one person who is the person in responsible charge.

(e)(1) Every firm desiring a certificate of authorization must file with the board an application on a form provided by the board. Every certificate of authorization shall be valid for a period of two (2) years and shall expire on the last day of June of each even-numbered year following its issuance.

(2) A separate form provided by the board shall be filed with each renewal of the certificate of authorization. In addition, each firm shall complete a renewal form within thirty (30) days of the time any information previously filed with the board has changed, is no longer true or valid, or has been revised for any reason.

(3) If, in its judgment, the information contained on the application and renewal form is satisfactory and complete, the board shall issue a certificate of authorization for the firm to practice landscape architecture in this state.

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