Title 47
Weights and Measures

Index of Chapters

Chapter 47-1 Duties of Director of Labor and Training

Chapter 47-2 Produce Scales in Markets

Chapter 47-3 Criminal Offenses

Chapter 47-4 Standard Measures

Chapter 47-5 Gauging of Casks [Repealed.]

Chapter 47-6 Hay Scales and Platform Balances

Chapter 47-7 Public Weighers

Chapter 47-8 Gasoline and Petroleum Products

Chapter 47-9 Grain and Salt [Repealed.]

Chapter 47-10 Cotton [Repealed.]

Chapter 47-11 Neat Cattle [Repealed.]

Chapter 47-12 Firewood and Charcoal

Chapter 47-13 Fish [Repealed.]

Chapter 47-14 Hay and Straw

Chapter 47-15 Containers

Chapter 47-16 Public Utilities Metering Devices