Title 45
Towns and Cities

Chapter 10
Audit of Accounts and Installation of Systems

R.I. Gen. Laws § 45-10-4

§ 45-10-4. Annual post audit required.

Each municipality and regional school district in the state, prior to the close of the fiscal year, shall retain the services of one or more independent certified public accountants holding a certificate from the state of Rhode Island, or from any other state with whom the state board of accountancy has a reciprocal relationship, to make a detailed post audit of the financial records of the municipality or regional school district for the preceding fiscal year in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and government auditing standards. School districts that are part of the primary government of a municipality shall be included in the municipality’s post audit and shall not be required to obtain a separate post audit. The selection of auditors pursuant to this section shall be subject to the final approval of the state auditor general. The municipality or school district shall not engage the auditors or enter into a contract for those services until the auditor general gives his or her written authorization. The term school district shall include regional school districts. At the request of the auditor general, the audit firm for each municipality or school district shall release any and all information obtained in the course of the engagement to the Rhode Island state auditor general (or his or her designee). This information includes, but is not limited to, financial data, analysis, work papers, and memorandum. Audit work papers of the independent auditors shall be made available to the auditor general (or his or her designee) upon request. The request for such information by the auditor general shall be responded to promptly. Failure to provide this information shall constitute a breach of contract by the audit firm. The auditor general shall have standing to bring an action in the superior court to compel the audit firm to provide the information listed in this section. In addition the auditor general shall prescribe requirements for audits of fire districts conducted pursuant to § 44-5-69.

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