Title 42
State Affairs and Government

Index of Chapters

Chapter 42-1 Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of State

Chapter 42-2 Federal Lands

Chapter 42-3 Counties

Chapter 42-4 State Emblems

Chapter 42-4.1 Rhode Island State Yacht “Courageous”

Chapter 42-4.2 Category One Memorial Items

Chapter 42-5 Standard and Daylight Saving Time

Chapter 42-5.1 Rhode Island Policy and Its Diverse Cultures

Chapter 42-6 Departments of State Government

Chapter 42-6.1 Governor’s Commerce and Workforce Coordination Cabinet

Chapter 42-6.2 2021 Act on Climate

Chapter 42-7 Executive Department

Chapter 42-7.1 The Comprehensive Substance Abuse Administrative Act of 1992 [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-7.2 Office of Health and Human Services

Chapter 42-7.3 Department of Public Safety

Chapter 42-7.4 The Healthcare Services Funding Plan Act

Chapter 42-8 Department of State

Chapter 42-8.1 State Archives

Chapter 42-8.2 State Register

Chapter 42-9 Department of Attorney General

Chapter 42-9.1 Office of Health Care Advocate

Chapter 42-9.2 Office of Elder Justice Prosecution Unit

Chapter 42-9.3 Office of Civil Rights Advocate

Chapter 42-10 Treasury Department

Chapter 42-10.1 Public Finance Management Board

Chapter 42-11 Department of Administration

Chapter 42-11.1 Prompt Payment by Department of Administration

Chapter 42-11.2 Affordable Housing Opportunity

Chapter 42-11.3 Motor Vehicles Owned by a Governmental Body

Chapter 42-11.4 The Rhode Island Municipal Infrastructure Grant Program

Chapter 42-12 Department of Human Services

Chapter 42-12.1 Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals

Chapter 42-12.2 Independent Living Services and Centers

Chapter 42-12.3 Health Care for Children and Pregnant Women

Chapter 42-12.4 The Rhode Island Medicaid Reform Act of 2008

Chapter 42-12.5 Licensing and Monitoring of Child Daycare Providers

Chapter 42-13 Department of Transportation

Chapter 42-13.1 The Rhode Island Bridge Replacement, Reconstruction, and Maintenance Fund

Chapter 42-14 Department of Business Regulation

Chapter 42-14.1 Department of Business Regulation — Medical Malpractice Insurance

Chapter 42-14.2 Department of Business Regulation — Automobile Wrecking and Salvage Yards

Chapter 42-14.3 Public Utilities Commission

Chapter 42-14.4 Department of Business Regulation — Apartment Listing Services

Chapter 42-14.5 The Rhode Island Health Care Reform Act of 2004 — Health Insurance Oversight

Chapter 42-14.6 Rhode Island All-Payer Patient-Centered Medical Home Act

Chapter 42-15 Department of Education [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-16 Department of Labor [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-16.1 Department of Labor and Training

Chapter 42-17 Department of Agriculture and Conservation

Chapter 42-17.1 Department of Environmental Management

Chapter 42-17.2 Ski Tramways

Chapter 42-17.3 Environmental Standards Board [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-17.4 Wastewater Treatment Plants

Chapter 42-17.5 Natural Heritage Preservation Program

Chapter 42-17.6 Administrative Penalties for Environmental Violations

Chapter 42-17.7 Administrative Adjudication for Environmental Matters

Chapter 42-17.8 The Rhode Island Environmental Compliance Incentive Act

Chapter 42-17.9 Preservation of State Open Space

Chapter 42-17.10 Enforcement of Certain Natural Resource Violations

Chapter 42-18 Department of Health

Chapter 42-18.1 Formulary Commission [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-19 Department of Employment and Training [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-20 Administration of State Departments

Chapter 42-21 Effect of Transfer of Functions Between Departments

Chapter 42-22 Committee on Accounts and Records

Chapter 42-23 Commission on Interstate Cooperation

Chapter 42-24 Commission on Uniform State Laws

Chapter 42-25 State Census [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-26 Public Safety Grant Administration Office

Chapter 42-26.1 Foreign Trade Zones

Chapter 42-26.2 Safeguarding Federalism in Trade Act

Chapter 42-27 Atomic Energy Commission

Chapter 42-28 State Police

Chapter 42-28.1 Municipal Police — Incentive Pay

Chapter 42-28.2 Police Officers — Commission on Standards and Training

Chapter 42-28.3 Aptitude and Psychological Tests for Law Enforcement Candidates

Chapter 42-28.4 Municipal Firefighters — Incentive Pay

Chapter 42-28.5 Division of Drug Control — Incentive Pay [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-28.6 Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights

Chapter 42-28.7 Fingerprinting of Minors

Chapter 42-28.8 Protection of Children

Chapter 42-28.9 Mounted Video/Audio Surveillance Cameras

Chapter 42-28.10  Statewide Public Safety Computer Aided Records Management System

Chapter 42-29 Sheriffs

Chapter 42-29.1 Sheriffs — Incentive Pay [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-30 Justices of the Peace

Chapter 42-30.1 Uniform Law on Notarial Acts

Chapter 42-31 Commissioners

Chapter 42-32 Science and Research Council

Chapter 42-33 Commission on Discovery and Utilization of Public Rights-Of-Way [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-34 Industrial-Recreational Building Authority

Chapter 42-35 Administrative Procedures

Chapter 42-35.1 Small Business Regulatory Fairness in Administrative Procedures

Chapter 42-36 Annual Reports

Chapter 42-37 New England State Police Compact

Chapter 42-38 Recreational Building Authority [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-39 New England Interstate Planning Compact

Chapter 42-40 Interchange of Government Employees

Chapter 42-41 Budgeting, Appropriation and Receipt of Federal Monies

Chapter 42-42 Consumers’ Council [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-43 Rhode Island Board for the Classification of Motion Pictures [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-44 Department of Community Affairs [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-44.1 Sewage and Water Supply Failure Fund

Chapter 42-45 Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission

Chapter 42-45.1 Antiquities Act of Rhode Island

Chapter 42-46 Open Meetings

Chapter 42-47 Commission on State Government Internships [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-47.1 State Government Internship Program

Chapter 42-48 Council of Economic Advisors [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-49 Little State Houses

Chapter 42-50 Substance Abuse Advisory Council [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-50.1 Substance Abuse Treatment Services Conference [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-51 Governor’s Commission on Disabilities

Chapter 42-52 Council of Environmental Quality [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-53 Rhode Island Self-Help Housing Authority

Chapter 42-54 Rhode Island Bicentennial Foundation [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-55 Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation

Chapter 42-55.1 Housing Trust Fund

Chapter 42-56 Corrections Department

Chapter 42-56.1 Correctional Officers’ Incentive Pay Plan

Chapter 42-56.2 Federal Surplus Property — Acquisition

Chapter 42-56.3 The Healthy Pregnancies for Incarcerated Women Act

Chapter 42-57 Fort Adams Foundation

Chapter 42-58 American and Canadian French Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-59 Commission on Foster Child Placement [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-60 Energy Crisis Management

Chapter 42-60.1 Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Standards

Chapter 42-61 State Lottery

Chapter 42-61.1 Prizes and Gift Act

Chapter 42-61.2 Video Lottery Games, Table Games and Sports Wagering

Chapter 42-61.3 Casino Gaming

Chapter 42-62 Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan Act

Chapter 42-63 Economic Development Department [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-63.1 Tourism and Development

Chapter 42-63.2 Child Day Care Facilities in Industrial Parks

Chapter 42-63.3 Socially Responsible Corporations [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-63.4 New Shoreham Tourism Council, Inc.

Chapter 42-63.5 Providence Place Project

Chapter 42-64 Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

Chapter 42-64.1 Economic Development Assistance

Chapter 42-64.2 Rhode Island Public Rail Corporation Act

Chapter 42-64.3 Distressed Areas Economic Revitalization Act

Chapter 42-64.4 Economic Development Reporting

Chapter 42-64.5 Jobs Development Act

Chapter 42-64.6 Jobs Training Tax Credit Act

Chapter 42-64.7 MILL Building and Economic Revitalization Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-64.8 Urban Infrastructure Commission

Chapter 42-64.9 Mill Building and Economic Revitalization Act

Chapter 42-64.10 Quonset Development Corporation

Chapter 42-64.11 Jobs Growth Act

Chapter 42-64.12 Eminent Domain

Chapter 42-64.13 Rhode Island Regulatory Reform Act

Chapter 42-64.14 The I-195 Redevelopment Act of 2011

Chapter 42-64.15 Made in Rhode Island Manufacturing Collaborative of 2013

Chapter 42-64.16 The Innovate Rhode Island Small Business Program

Chapter 42-64.17 Long-Term Economic Development

Chapter 42-64.18 Council of Economic Advisors

Chapter 42-64.19 Executive Office of Commerce

Chapter 42-64.20 Rebuild Rhode Island Tax Credit

Chapter 42-64.21 Rhode Island Tax Increment Financing

Chapter 42-64.22 Tax Stabilization Incentive

Chapter 42-64.23 First Wave Closing Fund

Chapter 42-64.24 I-195 Redevelopment Project Fund

Chapter 42-64.25 Small Business Assistance Program

Chapter 42-64.26 Stay Invested in RI Wavemaker Fellowships

Chapter 42-64.27 Main Street Rhode Island Streetscape Improvement Fund

Chapter 42-64.28 Innovation Initiative

Chapter 42-64.29 Industry Cluster Grants

Chapter 42-64.30 Anchor Institution Tax Credit

Chapter 42-64.31 High School, College, and Employer Partnerships

Chapter 42-64.32 Air Service Development Fund

Chapter 42-64.33 The Rhode Island Small Business Development Fund

Chapter 42-64.34  The Department of Housing

Chapter 42-65 American and Irish Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-66 Office of Healthy Aging

Chapter 42-66.1 Security for Housing for the Elderly Act

Chapter 42-66.2 Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Elderly Act

Chapter 42-66.2.1 Rhode Island Best Rx Prescription Drug Discount Program for the Uninsured

Chapter 42-66.3 Home and Community Care Services to the Elderly

Chapter 42-66.4 Long-Term Health Care — Removal from a Skilled Nursing And/or Intermediate Care Facility

Chapter 42-66.5 Care Management Services — Pilot Program [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-66.6 Long-Term Care Assessment and Care Management Services

Chapter 42-66.7 Long-Term Care Ombudsperson Act of 1995

Chapter 42-66.8 Rhode Island Assisted Housing Living Waiver

Chapter 42-66.9 Housing for the Elderly — Emergency Generators Required

Chapter 42-66.10 Elder Health Insurance Consumer Assistance Program

Chapter 42-66.11 The Aging in Community Act of 2014

Chapter 42-66.12 The Rhode Island Aging and Disability Resource Center

Chapter 42-66.13 Supported Decision-Making Act

Chapter 42-67 Oversight Commission

Chapter 42-68 Intergovernmental Relations Council

Chapter 42-69 Schooner Ernestina/Morrissey Commission

Chapter 42-70 The Oliver H. Stedman Government Center

Chapter 42-71 American and Italian Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-72 Department of Children, Youth and Families

Chapter 42-72.1 Licensing and Monitoring of Child Placing Agencies, Child Caring Agencies, Foster and Adoptive Homes, and Children’s Behavioral Health Programs

Chapter 42-72.2 Family Support Program

Chapter 42-72.3 Project Early Start

Chapter 42-72.4 Compulsory School Attendance — Children Under State Care

Chapter 42-72.5 Children’s Cabinet

Chapter 42-72.6 The Rhode Island Training School for Youth Comprehensive Educational Programming Act

Chapter 42-72.7 Coordination of Children’s Community Social Services, Education, and Mental Health Services — Pilot Program

Chapter 42-72.8 Department of Children, Youth and Families’ Higher Education Opportunity Incentive Grant

Chapter 42-72.9 Children’s Right to Freedom from Restraint Act

Chapter 42-72.10 Department of Children, Youth and Families — Foster Parents’ Bill of Rights

Chapter 42-72.11 Administrative Penalties for Childcare Licensing Violations

Chapter 42-72.12 Preservation of Families with Disabled Parent Act

Chapter 42-73 Child Advocate Office

Chapter 42-74 Children’s Code Commission

Chapter 42-75 Council on the Arts

Chapter 42-75.1 Voluntary Support of Arts and Tourism

Chapter 42-75.2 Allocation for Art for Public Facilities Act

Chapter 42-76 The J. Joseph Garrahy Judicial Complex

Chapter 42-77 Minority Groups Advisory Commission

Chapter 42-77.1 Black Achievers Commission

Chapter 42-77.2 Black Regiment Monument Commission

Chapter 42-78 Cultural Coordinating Council

Chapter 42-79 Heritage Commission [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-80 Prejudice and Bias Commission Act

Chapter 42-80.1 Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Chapter 42-81 Petroleum Allocation Act

Chapter 42-82 Farmland Preservation Act

Chapter 42-83 American and Polish Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-84 Forms Management Center Act

Chapter 42-84.1 Paperwork Reduction [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-85 Coordinating Council for State Library, Archival, and Information Services [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-86 Film Commission [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-87 Civil Rights of People with Disabilities

Chapter 42-88 The J. Howard Mcgrath Judicial Complex

Chapter 42-89 The Frank Licht Judicial Complex

Chapter 42-90 Disclosure of Names of State Government Consultants

Chapter 42-91 Small Business Advocacy Council

Chapter 42-92 Equal Access to Justice for Small Businesses and Individuals

Chapter 42-93 Rhode Island Health Industries Development Council [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-94 Department of Workers’ Compensation [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-95 Providence River Relocation — Memorial Boulevard Extension Project

Chapter 42-96 Neighborhood Crime Prevention Act

Chapter 42-97 Rhode Island Artifacts, Artworks and Exhibition Objects [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-98 Energy Facility Siting Act

Chapter 42-99 Convention Center Authority Act

Chapter 42-100 State Poet

Chapter 42-100.1 Historian Laureate of Rhode Island

Chapter 42-101 The James W. Leighton Judicial Complex

Chapter 42-102 Governor’s Workforce Board Rhode Island

Chapter 42-103 Waste Facilities Siting

Chapter 42-104 The William P. Robinson, Jr., Building

Chapter 42-105 Newport and Bristol County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau

Chapter 42-106 Rhode Island Aqua Fund

Chapter 42-107 American and Portuguese Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-108 Comprehensive Criminal/Juvenile Justice Information System Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-109 Omnibus Substance Abuse Prevention Act

Chapter 42-110 Chemical Purchasing Act

Chapter 42-111 Bay State — Ocean State Compact

Chapter 42-112 The Civil Rights Act of 1990

Chapter 42-113 Rhode Island Housing and Conservation Trust Fund Act

Chapter 42-114 Audio/Video Programming Advisory Committee

Chapter 42-115 Community Resource Assistance Commission

Chapter 42-116 Rhode Island Depositors Economic Protection Corporation

Chapter 42-117 Expedited Permit Process

Chapter 42-118 Commission on Professional Boxing, Wrestling, and Kick Boxing

Chapter 42-119 Rhode Island Commission on Women and Girls

Chapter 42-120 American and Cape Verdean Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-121 Tipping Fee Commission [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-122 Natural Areas Protection Act of 1993

Chapter 42-123 The Zygmunt J. Friedmann Telecommunications Building

Chapter 42-124 Special Legislative Commission on Equal Pay and Comparable Worth in Public and Private Employment

Chapter 42-125 Rhode Island Greenways Act of 1995

Chapter 42-126 East Bay Economic Initiative

Chapter 42-127 Electronic Signatures and Records Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-127.1 Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

Chapter 42-128 Rhode Island Housing Resources Act of 1998

Chapter 42-128.1 Lead Hazard Mitigation

Chapter 42-128.2 Expedited Permitting for Affordable Housing

Chapter 42-128.3 Housing Incentives for Municipalities

Chapter 42-129 Persian Gulf War Information Relief Commission

Chapter 42-130 Rural Development Council [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-131 Intergovernmental Relations Council

Chapter 42-132 Business Fast-Start Office

Chapter 42-133 Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation Act

Chapter 42-134 State Pharmaceutical Purchasing and Dispensing Coordinating Council [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-135 State Pharmaceutical Purchasing and Dispensing Coordinating Council

Chapter 42-136 Outdoor Lighting Control

Chapter 42-137 The Select Commission on Race and Police-Community Relations Act

Chapter 42-138 The Rhode Island Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission

Chapter 42-139 Executive Branch and Public Corporation Lobbying

Chapter 42-139.1 The Rhode Island Lobbying Reform Act

Chapter 42-140 Rhode Island Energy Resources Act

Chapter 42-140.1 The Rhode Island Energy Efficiency and Resource Management Council

Chapter 42-140.2 Distributed Generation

Chapter 42-140.3 The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Coordinating Board

Chapter 42-140.4 The Rhode Island Petroleum Savings and Independence Advisory Commission

Chapter 42-141 Affordable Energy [Repealed.]

Chapter 42-142 Department of Revenue

Chapter 42-143 The Science and Technology Advisory Council

Chapter 42-144 The University of Rhode Island Commission for Research Innovation

Chapter 42-145 The American and Haitian Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-146 The American and Panamanian Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-147 The American and Jamaican Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-148 Privatization of State Services

Chapter 42-149 State Expenditures for Non-State Employee Services

Chapter 42-150 The Community College of Rhode Island Twenty-First Century Work Force Commission [Expired.]

Chapter 42-151 The Liberian Cultural Exchange Commission

Chapter 42-152 Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Chapter 42-153 Restricting Radio Frequency Identification Devices

Chapter 42-154 Division of Elderly Affairs

Chapter 42-155 Quasi-Public Corporations Accountability and Transparency Act

Chapter 42-156 Underground Economy and Employee Misclassification Act

Chapter 42-157 Rhode Island Health Benefit Exchange

Chapter 42-157.1 Rhode Island Market Stability and Reinsurance Act

Chapter 42-158 Freedom from Prone Restraint Act

Chapter 42-159 Rhode Island Sailing Events Commission

Chapter 42-160 Rhode Island Pay for Success Act

Chapter 42-161 Statewide Body-Worn Camera Program

Chapter 42-162  Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Program

Chapter 42-163  The Rhode Island Broadband Development Program

Chapter 42-164 Address Confidentiality Program

Chapter 42-165 Rhode Island Longitudinal Data System Act