Title 42
State Affairs and Government

Chapter 72.8
Department of Children, Youth and Families’ Higher Education Opportunity Incentive Grant

R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-72.8-3

§ 42-72.8-3. Selection of grant recipients.

(a) There shall be a grant award selection committee which shall consist of a representative from each of the institutions of higher education appointed by their respective presidents, two (2) representatives from the department of children, youth and families appointed by the director, one representative from the department of elementary and secondary education appointed by the commissioner, and one representative from the office of higher education appointed by the commissioner and representatives of other organizations that the director of department of children, youth and families believes can help further the goals of the program.

(b) Grant awards shall be made on the basis of scholastic record, aptitude, financial need and general interest in higher education. Recipients must comply with all application deadlines and criteria for admission to the institution to which the recipient is making application and, further, the recipient must have been granted admission by the admissions office of the institution. Cumulative grant awards shall not exceed available appropriations in any fiscal year. The department shall adopt rules and regulations, which are reasonably necessary to implement.

History of Section.
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