Title 42
State Affairs and Government

Chapter 64.20
Rebuild Rhode Island Tax Credit

R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-64.20-2

§ 42-64.20-2. Findings and declarations.

(a) It is hereby found and declared that due to long-term and short-term stagnant or declining economic trends in Rhode Island, businesses in the state have found it difficult to make investments that would stimulate economic activity and create new jobs for the citizens of the state. Moreover, such economic trends have caused business closures or out-of-state business relocations, while other out-of-state businesses are deterred from relocating to this state. This situation has contributed to a high rate of unemployment in the state. Consequently, a need exists to promote the retention and expansion of existing jobs, stimulate the creation of new jobs, attract new business and industry to the state, and stimulate growth in real estate developments and/or businesses that are prepared to make meaningful investment and foster job creation in Rhode Island.

(b) Through the establishment of a rebuild Rhode Island tax credit program, Rhode Island can take steps to stimulate business development; retain and attract new business and industry to the state; create good-paying jobs for its residents; assist with business, commercial, and industrial real estate development; and generate revenues for necessary state and local governmental services.

History of Section.
P.L. 2015, ch. 141, art. 19, § 3.