Title 42
State Affairs and Government

Chapter 4
State Emblems

R.I. Gen. Laws 42-4-3

 42-4-3.  State flag.

The flag of the state shall be white, five feet and six inches (5′6") fly and four feet and ten inches (4′10") deep on the pike, bearing on each side in the center a gold anchor, twenty-two inches (22") high, and underneath it a blue ribbon twenty-four inches (24") long and five inches (5") wide, or in these proportions, with the motto "Hope" in golden letters thereon, the whole surrounded by thirteen (13) golden stars in a circle. The flag shall be edged with yellow fringe. The pike shall be surmounted by a spearhead and the length of the pike shall be nine feet (9′), not including the spearhead.

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