Title 42
State Affairs and Government

Chapter 102
Governor’s Workforce Board Rhode Island

R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-102-2

§ 42-102-2. Composition of workforce board.

(a) The workforce board shall be composed of twenty-three (23) members; one of whom shall be the secretary of commerce, who shall be vice-chair; one of whom shall be the director of the department of labor and training; one of whom shall be the commissioner of education; one of whom shall be a representative of a public institution of higher education in Rhode Island; one of whom shall be a representative of the office of rehabilitation services, a division of the department of human services; and eighteen (18) public members, twelve (12) of whom shall be representatives from the employer community, in a manner that is representative of employers of different sizes and sectors, including the nonprofit sector, provided that two (2) of the representatives from the employer community shall be the chairs of Rhode Island’s local workforce investment boards, or their designees, appointed from among the employer community members of the local workforce investment boards; four (4) of whom shall be representatives of organized labor; and two (2) members shall be representatives of community-based organizations that provide or promote workforce development service; appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate. The eighteen (18) public members shall be appointed in a manner that reflects the geographic diversity of the state, and at least five (5) of whom shall be women; at least four (4) of whom shall be from minority communities; and at least one of whom shall be a person with disabilities. The governor shall appoint a chairperson from among the twelve (12) representatives of the employer community.

(b) The board may establish an executive committee composed of members appointed by the chair. The board may delegate to the executive committee any powers of the board except those powers that are required by law to be exercised by the board. The chair may also appoint ad hoc committees, workgroups, or task forces to assist the board as appropriate.

(c) Members serving as of the effective date of this act on the state workforce investment board established pursuant to Executive Order No. 05-18 ordered on September 22, 2005, shall continue to serve their terms of office as members of the governor’s workforce board established under this chapter.

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