Title 41
Sports, Racing, and Athletics

Index of Chapters

Chapter 41-1 Division of Gaming and Athletics Licensing

Chapter 41-2 Racing and Athletics Hearing Board

Chapter 41-3 Horse Racing

Chapter 41-3.1 Dog Racing in Burrillville, Lincoln, and West Greenwich

Chapter 41-4 Mutuel Betting and License Fees

Chapter 41-5 Boxing and Wrestling

Chapter 41-5.1 Commission on Professional Boxing and Wrestling

Chapter 41-5.2 Mixed Martial Arts

Chapter 41-6 Athletic Games on Sunday

Chapter 41-7 Jai Alai

Chapter 41-8 Responsibility and Liability of Ski Operators and Skiers

Chapter 41-9 Establishment and Extension of Gambling Activities and Other Facilities

Chapter 41-9.1 The Rhode Island Gaming Control and Revenue Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 41-10 Offtrack Betting

Chapter 41-11 Simulcast Programs from Licensed Betting Facilities