Title 40
Human Services

Index of Chapters

Chapter 40-1 Department of Human Services

Chapter 40-2 Administration of State Institutions

Chapter 40-3 Displaced Persons Committee

Chapter 40-4 Town and City Directors

Chapter 40-5 Support of the Needy

Chapter 40-5.1 Family Independence Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 40-5.2 The Rhode Island Works Program

Chapter 40-5.3 Youth Pregnancy and At-Risk Prevention Services Program

Chapter 40-6 Public Assistance Act

Chapter 40-6.1 Work Training Program

Chapter 40-6.2 Child Care — State Subsidies

Chapter 40-6.3 Bonus Program

Chapter 40-6.4 Incentive for Training and Employment

Chapter 40-6.5 Child Day Care Grant Program

Chapter 40-6.6 Quality Family Child Care Act

Chapter 40-7 New England Welfare Compact

Chapter 40-8 Medical Assistance

Chapter 40-8.1 Personal Care Attendant Program

Chapter 40-8.2 Medical Assistance Fraud

Chapter 40-8.3 Uncompensated Care

Chapter 40-8.4 Health Care for Families

Chapter 40-8.5 Health Care for Elderly and Disabled Residents Act

Chapter 40-8.6 Special Program for Care of Severely Disabled Elderly Residents Who Need Nursing Facility Services

Chapter 40-8.7 Healthcare Assistance for Working People with Disabilities

Chapter 40-8.8 Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

Chapter 40-8.9 Medical Assistance — Long-Term Care Service and Finance Reform

Chapter 40-8.10 Long-Term Care Service Reform for Medicaid Eligible Individuals

Chapter 40-8.11 Family Caregivers Support Act of 2013

Chapter 40-8.12 Health Care for Adults

Chapter 40-8.13 Long-Term Managed Care Arrangements

Chapter 40-8.14 Quality Self-Directed Services

Chapter 40-8.15 Individual Providers of Direct-Support Services

Chapter 40-9 Services for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Chapter 40-9.1 Equal Rights to Public Facilities

Chapter 40-10 Child Welfare Services [Repealed.]

Chapter 40-11 Abused and Neglected Children

Chapter 40-12 Child Placement Agencies [Repealed.]

Chapter 40-13 Day Nurseries and Homes for Children [Repealed.]

Chapter 40-13.1 Family Day Care Home Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 40-13.2 Certification of Childcare and Youth-Serving Workers and Operators

Chapter 40-14 Equipment Loan Fund for People with Disabilities

Chapter 40-14.1 Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Program

Chapter 40-15 Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

Chapter 40-16 Community Health Centers

Chapter 40-17 Support of Homeless

Chapter 40-18 Long-Term Home Health Care — Alternative to Placement in Skilled Nursing or Intermediate Care Facility

Chapter 40-19 Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program

Chapter 40-19.1 Teen Pregnancy Prevention Partnership Act

Chapter 40-20 Long-Term Care System Planning

Chapter 40-21 Medical Assistance — Prescription Drugs

Chapter 40-22 Food Stamp Employment and Training Program