Title 40
Human Services

Chapter 8.9
Medical Assistance — Long-Term Care Service and Finance Reform

R.I. Gen. Laws § 40-8.9-1

§ 40-8.9-1. Findings.

(a) The number of Rhode Islanders in need of long-term-care services continues to rise substantially, and the quality of life of these Rhode Islanders is determined by the capacity of the state to ensure equitable access to the full array of services and supports required to meet their healthcare needs and maintain their independence.

(b) It is in the interest of all Rhode Islanders to endorse and fund statewide efforts to build a fiscally sound, dynamic, and resilient long-term-care system that fosters: consumer independence and choice; the delivery of high-quality, coordinated services; the financial integrity of all participants-purchasers, payers, providers, and consumers; and the responsible and efficient allocation of all available public and private resources, including preservation of federal financial participation.

(c) It is in the interest of all Rhode Islanders to assure that rates paid for community-based long-term-care services are adequate to assure high quality and support workforce recruitment and retention.

(d) It is in the interest of all Rhode Islanders to improve consumers’ access information regarding community-based alternatives to institutional settings of care.

(e) It is in the best interest of all Rhode Islanders to maintain a person-centered, quality driven, and conflict-free system of publicly financed long-term services and supports that is responsive to the goals and preferences of those served.

History of Section.
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