Title 39
Public Utilities and Carriers

Index of Chapters

Chapter 39-1 Public Utilities Commission

Chapter 39-1.1 Termination of Service to Persons Who Are Disabled, Seriously Ill, or in Arrears of Payment

Chapter 39-1.2 Excavation near Underground Utility Facilities

Chapter 39-2 Duties of Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 39-2.1 Location of Residential Gas Regulators and Gas Meters

Chapter 39-2.2 Rhode Island Utility Fair Share Roadway Repair Act

Chapter 39-3 Regulatory Powers of Administration

Chapter 39-4 Hearings and Investigations

Chapter 39-5 Appeals

Chapter 39-6 Railroad Companies

Chapter 39-6.1 Railroad Preservation

Chapter 39-7 Operation of Railroads Generally

Chapter 39-8 Railroad Crossings

Chapter 39-9 Railroad Rates and Service

Chapter 39-10 Attorney for Receipt of Process

Chapter 39-11 Air Carriers

Chapter 39-12 Motor Carriers of Property

Chapter 39-12.1 The Towing Storage Act

Chapter 39-13 Motor Passenger Carriers

Chapter 39-13.1 Motor Carrier Transportation Contracts

Chapter 39-14 Taxicabs and Limited Public Motor Vehicles

Chapter 39-14.1 Public Motor Vehicles

Chapter 39-14.2 Transportation Network Company Services

Chapter 39-15 Water Supply

Chapter 39-15.1 Water Suppliers Subject to Commission Rate Regulation

Chapter 39-16 Kent County Water District

Chapter 39-17 Franchises

Chapter 39-18 Rhode Island Public Transit Authority

Chapter 39-18.1 Transportation Investment and Debt Reduction Act of 2011

Chapter 39-19 Community Antenna Television Systems

Chapter 39-20 Ownership of Electric-Generating Facilities

Chapter 39-21 E-911 Uniform Emergency Telephone System Division

Chapter 39-21.1 911 Emergency Telephone Number Act

Chapter 39-21.2 Prepaid Wireless Charge Act

Chapter 39-22 Base Load Renewable Resource Facilities Electricity Purchase Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 39-23 Adaptive Telephone Equipment Loan Program Committee

Chapter 39-24 Long-Range Energy Plans

Chapter 39-25 Electric Transmission Siting and Regulatory Act

Chapter 39-26 Renewable Energy Standard

Chapter 39-26.1 Long-Term Contracting Standard for Renewable Energy

Chapter 39-26.2 Distributed Generation Standard Contracts

Chapter 39-26.3 Distributed Generation Interconnection

Chapter 39-26.4 Net Metering

Chapter 39-26.5 Property Assessed Clean Energy Program

Chapter 39-26.6 The Renewable Energy Growth Program

Chapter 39-26.7 Nonregulated Power Producer Consumer Bill of Rights

Chapter 39-26.8  Residential Solar Energy Disclosure and Homeowners Bill of Rights Act

Chapter 39-26.9  Labor Standards in Renewable Energy Projects

Chapter 39-27 The Energy and Consumer Savings Act of 2005

Chapter 39-27.1  Appliance and Equipment Energy and Water Efficiency Standards Act of 2021

Chapter 39-28 Broadband Deployment and Investment Act

Chapter 39-29 Wireless Telephone Regulatory Modernization Act

Chapter 39-30 Municipal Streetlight Investment Act

Chapter 39-31 Affordable Clean Energy Security Act

Chapter 39-32 Rhode Island Small Cell Siting Act