Title 39
Public Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 1.2
Excavation near Underground Utility Facilities

R.I. Gen. Laws § 39-1.2-11

§ 39-1.2-11. Damage — Notice to public utility.

(a) Upon the occurrence of any contact with, or damage to, any pipe, cable, or its protective coating, or any other underground facility of a public utility, the appropriate and/or affected public utility shall be notified immediately by the person or public agency responsible for the operation causing the contact or damage prior to backfilling the excavation. Upon the receipt of the notice, the public utility shall immediately dispatch personnel to the subject location to effect temporary or permanent repair of the damage. Under no circumstances shall the excavator backfill or conceal the damaged area until the public utility arrives at the subject location. Upon the occurrence of a serious electrical short, or the escape of dangerous fluids or gases from a broken line, the person or public agency responsible for the operations causing the damage shall call 911 if the damage presents an immediate danger to life and health of employees or pedestrians in the surrounding area. In the event of an immediate danger to life and health occurrence, the area shall be evacuated until proper emergency services arrive.

(b) Any person, public agency, or public utility shall report all suspected violations of this chapter to the division of public utilities and carriers within thirty (30) days after learning of the circumstances constituting the suspected violation.

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