Title 34

Index of Chapters

Chapter 34-1 Confirmation of Legislative Grants

Chapter 34-2 Capacity to Hold Real Estate

Chapter 34-3 Tenancy in Common

Chapter 34-4 Estates in Real Property

Chapter 34-5 Disclaimer of Certain Property Interests

Chapter 34-6 Release of Money Charges

Chapter 34-7 By Possession and Prescription

Chapter 34-8 Rhode Island Coordinate System

Chapter 34-9 Boundary Line Determination

Chapter 34-9.1 Maintenance of Private Easements and Rights-Of-Way

Chapter 34-10 Fences

Chapter 34-11 Form and Effect of Conveyances

Chapter 34-12 Acknowledgments and Notarial Acts

Chapter 34-13 Recording of Instruments

Chapter 34-13.1 Marketable Record Title

Chapter 34-13.2 Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act

Chapter 34-14 Waste and Estrepement

Chapter 34-15 Partition

Chapter 34-16 Quieting Title

Chapter 34-17 Fixtures

Chapter 34-18 Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Chapter 34-18.1 Commercial Leasing and Other Estates

Chapter 34-18.2 Leased Land Dwellings

Chapter 34-19 Forcible Entry and Detainer

Chapter 34-20 Trespass and Actions for Possession

Chapter 34-21 Replevin

Chapter 34-22 Powers

Chapter 34-23 Mortgages of Real Property

Chapter 34-24 Mortgages of Personal Property

Chapter 34-25 Future Loans and After-Acquired Property

Chapter 34-25.1 Reverse Mortgages

Chapter 34-25.2 Rhode Island Home Loan Protection Act

Chapter 34-26 Redemption, Release, and Transfer of Mortgages

Chapter 34-27 Mortgage Foreclosure and Sale

Chapter 34-27.1 Payment of Proceeds of Mortgage Loans to Subcontractors and Materialmen

Chapter 34-27.2 The Rhode Island Construction Trust Act

Chapter 34-28 Mechanics’ Liens

Chapter 34-29 Textile Processors’ Liens

Chapter 34-30 Jewelers’, Watchmakers’, and Silversmiths’ Liens

Chapter 34-30.1 Manufacturer’s Mold Lien

Chapter 34-31 Launderers’ and Cleaners’ Lien

Chapter 34-32 Liens on Motor Vehicles

Chapter 34-33 Innkeepers’ Liens

Chapter 34-34 Federal Liens

Chapter 34-35 Enforcement of Common Law and Contractual Liens

Chapter 34-36 Condominium Ownership

Chapter 34-36.1 Condominium Law

Chapter 34-37 Rhode Island Fair Housing Practices Act

Chapter 34-37.1 Homeless Bill of Rights

Chapter 34-38 Regulation of Out of State Real Estate Sales and Dispositions

Chapter 34-39 Conservation and Preservation Restrictions on Real Property

Chapter 34-39.1 The Holders of Low and Moderate Income Housing Restrictions Act

Chapter 34-40 Solar Easements

Chapter 34-41 Rhode Island Real Estate Time-Share Act

Chapter 34-42 Self-Service Storage Facilities

Chapter 34-43 Insurance on Multi-Unit Dwellings in Providence

Chapter 34-44 Abandoned Property

Chapter 34-44.1 The Rhode Island Museum Property Act

Chapter 34-45 Preservation of Federally Insured or Assisted Housing

Chapter 34-46 Dry Dock Facilities

Chapter 34-47 Aircraft Repair Liens

Chapter 34-48 Animal Liens

Chapter 34-49 Commercial Real Estate Broker Lien Act