Title 34

Chapter 12
Acknowledgments and Notarial Acts

R.I. Gen. Laws § 34-12-1

§ 34-12-1. Form of acknowledgment — Foreign acknowledgments.

Acknowledgment of any instrument hereafter made need not be in any set form, but shall be made by all the parties executing the instrument and the certificate thereof shall express the ideas that the parties were each and all known to the magistrate taking the acknowledgment, and known by the magistrate to be the parties executing the instrument, and that they acknowledge the instrument to be their free act and deed; provided, however, that in case of any such instrument executed without this state, and within the limits of the United States or of any dependency thereof, if the instrument is acknowledged or proved in the manner prescribed by the law of the state, District of Columbia, territory or such dependency, where executed, it shall be deemed to be legally executed, and acknowledged and shall have the same effect as if executed and acknowledged in the mode above prescribed, including an acknowledgment by less than all parties if made in a jurisdiction the laws of which permit acknowledgments in that manner; provided, however, that instruments requiring acknowledgments by parties having opposing interests must be acknowledged by at least one party of each interest.

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