Title 34

Chapter 11
Form and Effect of Conveyances

R.I. Gen. Laws 34-11-19

 34-11-19.  Contents and effect of short-form mortgage deed.

A deed substantially following the form entitled "Mortgage Deed" shall, when duly executed, have the force and effect of a mortgage deed to the mortgagee and his or her heirs and assigns, to his or her and their own use, with mortgage covenants and upon the statutory condition and with the statutory power of sale, as defined in 34-11-20 — 34-11-22 inclusive, to secure the payment of the money and the performance of any obligation or obligations therein specified or referred to; provided, however, that any other lawful covenant, agreement, condition or power may be inserted or incorporated by reference in such mortgage deed and any of the terms and provisions of the mortgage covenants, statutory condition and statutory power of sale may be changed, amended, deleted or supplemented by any lawful agreement, covenant, condition or power specified or incorporated by reference in such mortgage deed.

History of Section.
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