Title 34

Chapter 11
Form and Effect of Conveyances

R.I. Gen. Laws § 34-11-1

§ 34-11-1. Conveyances required to be in writing and recorded.

Every conveyance of lands, tenements or hereditament absolutely, by way of mortgage, or on condition, use or trust, for any term longer than one year, and all declarations of trusts concerning the conveyance, shall be void unless made in writing duly signed, acknowledged as hereinafter provided, delivered, and recorded in the records of land evidence in the town or city where the lands, tenements or hereditaments are situated; provided, however, that the conveyance, if delivered, as between the parties and their heirs, and as against those taking by gift or devise, or those having notice thereof, shall be valid and binding though not acknowledged or recorded. A lease for the term of one year or less shall be valid although made by parol. Leases for terms of more than one year may be recorded with a memorandum of lease in writing rather than the original lease; provided, however, that the memorandum shall contain the names of the parties to be charged, a description of the real estate, the duration of the lease, including renewal options and purchase options.

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