Title 32
Parks and Recreational Areas

Chapter 7
Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 32-7-9

§ 32-7-9. Fire safety standards.

In addition to standards contained in the Uniform Fire Code and the referenced NFPA standards, the following standards shall apply to recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds:

(1) Campfires: Designated outdoor campfire locations, if provided, shall be in safe, convenient areas where they will not constitute fire hazards to vegetation, undergrowth, trees, and camping units.

(2) Refuse: Areas under and around camping units shall be kept free from accumulation of refuse. To that end, a refuse disposal system shall be provided. The burning of refuse, when permitted, shall take place only in approved incinerators.

(3) Filling LP gas containers: The filling of LP gas containers shall conform to NFPA 58, Standard for the Storage and Handling of Petroleum Gases, or be in conformance with guidelines established by the authority having jurisdiction.

(4) Fire extinguishers: Portable fire extinguishers provided by the park operator shall be of the multipurpose dry chemical type or its equal. Such extinguishers shall have a minimum rating of 2A:20Band shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers.

History of Section.
P.L. 2001, ch. 275, § 1.