Title 32
Parks and Recreational Areas

Chapter 7
Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 32-7-8

§ 32-7-8. Design and construction standards.

(a) Standards set forth in the following documents are adopted by reference in this chapter: ANSI A119.2; ANSI 119.5; NFPA 501D; and HUD Interpretive Bulletin 3282.8.

(b) Recreational vehicles must comply with ANSI A119.2 or A119.5 and as further described in HUD Interpretive Bulletin 3282.8 must be primarily designed as temporary lodging for recreation that has either its own motive power or is mounted or towed by another vehicle, and does not exceed four hundred (400) square feet in area. Every service building or building used for accessory services in a recreational vehicle park or campground shall be designed and constructed in accordance with applicable building codes and standards. Each camper unit shall be allowed accessory and/or add-on structures, provided these structures are not permanent.

(c) Applicable standards include the following:

(1) Density: Average density should not exceed twenty-five (25) camping unit sites per acre of land.

(2) Camping unit separation: A camping unit and its accessory structures should not be located less than ten (10) feet from any other camping unit and its accessory structures or less than ten (10) feet from any permanent building within or adjacent to the recreational vehicle park or campground.

(3) Site identification: Each camping unit site shall be identified by easily readable markers.

(4) Utility connection assembly: When potable water connection, sewer inlet connection, electrical power, television connection, and phone connection supply or discharge outlets are provided for an individual recreational vehicle site, they may be grouped together.

(5) Swimming and bathing facilities: If provided, such facilities shall be designed in accordance with the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.

History of Section.
P.L. 2001, ch. 275, § 1.