Title 32
Parks and Recreational Areas

Chapter 7
Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 32-7-13

§ 32-7-13. Recreational vehicle park and campground operation.

(a) Rules/policies: Any operator of a recreational vehicle park or campground may establish reasonable rules and regulations for the management of the establishment and its guests and employees, and each guest or employee staying or employed in the establishment shall conform to and abide by such rules and regulations, so long as the guest or employee shall remain in or at the recreational vehicle park or campground. Such rules and regulations shall control the liabilities, responsibilities, and obligations of all parties. The rules and regulations established pursuant to this section shall be printed in a readable form to allow reasonable communications with the guests and shall be available in the office to recreational vehicle users and campers.

(b) Fees: In each recreational vehicle park or campground, there shall be made available to recreational vehicle users and campers in the registration area, the rates at which each site is rented. This rate sheet shall indicate the amount charged for occupancy, for extra conveniences, for extra people, for more complete accommodations, or for additional furnishings, and the dates during the year when such charges apply.

(c) Evictions: The owner or agent of any recreational vehicle park or campground may remove, or cause to be removed, from such facility, in the manner provided by law, any guest of the recreational vehicle, park or campground who, while on the premises of the facility, disturbs the peace and comfort of other persons, causes harm to the physical establishment, fails to follow rules, policies, or regulations, or fails to make payment of rent. In addition to grounds for eviction established by law, grounds for eviction may be established in a written agreement.

History of Section.
P.L. 2001, ch. 275, § 1.