Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 44
Employment Security — Benefits

R.I. Gen. Laws 28-44-50.1

 28-44-50.1.  Limits of board of review legal precedent.

Except as provided in 28-44-50, the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and determinations of eligibility of the director or the board of review, including decisions reviewed by the district, superior, or supreme courts, shall not be binding upon, or determinative of any issue of fact or law, in any criminal prosecution or civil action or administrative proceeding, other than the proceeding under this chapter in which the said findings, conclusions, or determinations were made. Notwithstanding the foregoing, documents and testimony developed in proceedings before the department, as well as any determinations of eligibility of the director or board of review, shall remain subject to subpoena, discovery, and admission as evidence in other proceedings as determined in those proceedings, including criminal prosecutions, civil actions, and administrative proceedings.

History of Section.
P.L. 2005, ch. 361, 1; P.L. 2005, ch. 404, 1.