Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 44
Employment Security — Benefits

R.I. Gen. Laws 28-44-41

 28-44-41.  Determinations with respect to labor disputes.

(a) In any case in which the payment or denial of benefits will be affected by the provisions of 28-44-16, the director shall promptly transmit his or her full findings of fact with respect to that section to the board of review or an appeal tribunal designated by it, which, on the basis of the evidence submitted, and that additional evidence as it may require, shall affirm, modify, or set aside those findings of fact and transmit to the director a decision upon the issues involved under that section. Any action by the board of review in that case shall be by the full board of review, or in the absence or disqualification of either the member representing labor, or the member representing industry, that action shall be by the member representing the public generally, acting alone.

(b) In any case involving this section where the board of review has designated an appeal tribunal to hear and decide the case, the determination of the appeal tribunal shall then be subject to appeal, as of right, to the board of review within the same period as that provided for appealing a determination made by the director. If the board of review elects to make a determination, it shall afford all parties a fair hearing as required with respect to proceedings before an appeal tribunal. No further administrative appeal shall be permitted from the determination of the board of review in that case but judicial review may be initiated as otherwise provided for in chapters 42 — 44 of this title.

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