Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 44
Employment Security — Benefits

R.I. Gen. Laws 28-44-21

 28-44-21.  Vacation periods.

An individual who has established eligibility for benefits by conforming to the provisions of 28-44-12 and 28-44-13 and who is otherwise eligible and who files a claim for waiting period credits or unemployment compensation benefits during a bona fide vacation period as determined by the director shall be ineligible for waiting period credits or benefits, unless he or she can show to the satisfaction of the director:

(1) That he or she did not receive and is not entitled to receive directly or indirectly as an incident to a vacation period any vacation pay, remuneration, or similar payment; or

(2) That the vacation pay, remuneration, or similar payment, which the individual receives or is entitled to receive in connection with that vacation period, is less than his or her weekly benefit rate, in which case that individual shall be entitled to waiting period credits or benefits in the same manner as if he or she were partially employed. For the purpose of ascertaining eligibility under this section the total sum of the vacation pay or other allowances shall be apportioned to the weeks of unemployment comprising a vacation period, as shall be determined by regulations adopted as prescribed; and

(3) That the vacation period was not the result of an individual request on his or her part for a vacation during a period where there was work for him or her at the establishment at which he or she was customarily employed and at a time when that establishment was not shut down for a vacation period.

History of Section.
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