Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 42
Employment Security — General Provisions

R.I. Gen. Laws 28-42-82

 28-42-82.  Job development fund.

Whereas, improvements in the standard of living for all Rhode Islanders, by increasing their prosperity and their opportunities for continued employment and better jobs, is one of the top priorities of state government;
Whereas, the rapidly changing economy requires that the Rhode Island workforce be able to adapt to emerging needs of the workplace;
Whereas, the energies and resources of numerous state agencies and commissions contribute to the state's overall response to the needs of the workforce and must be coordinated to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness; and
Whereas, the competitiveness of Rhode Island businesses is dependent on a well-skilled, literate, and productive workforce:
Now, therefore, the general assembly declares as follows:

(1) There is a need to stimulate long-term economic development; reconcile the needs of parents, work, and families; better integrate immigrants and minorities fully into the workforce; and improve workers' educational preparation and skills;

(2) Enhancement of the competitiveness of the state's businesses and workforce requires state support and encouragement for programs aimed at improving skill levels and expanding opportunities of all segments of the workforce, particularly those in need of customized training or training to upgrade existing skill levels; and

(3) These needs require the establishment of a job development fund pursuant to  28-42-83 and the establishment of the governor's workforce board Rhode Island (workforce board) pursuant to chapter 102 of title 42 to administer the fund.

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