Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 42
Employment Security — General Provisions

R.I. Gen. Laws 28-42-34

 28-42-34.  Rules and regulations.

(a) The board of review shall have the power to adopt, amend, modify, and reject general and special rules and regulations interpreting chapters 42 — 44 of this title and establishing policy relative to administrative procedure as proposed by the director. Those general and special rules shall take effect only after a public hearing on them or public notice of them and after filing with the secretary of state. Regulations shall become effective in the manner and at the same time as prescribed by the board.

(b) The board shall have the power and authority to investigate administrative procedure of the department with respect to decisions rendered by the board and the rules and regulations adopted as prescribed. In furtherance of that power and authority, it shall be the duty of the director to make available to the board, upon its request in writing, the records of the department and any other information and evidence that the board shall deem necessary or advisable.

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