Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 41
Temporary Disability Insurance — Benefits

R.I. Gen. Laws 28-41-37

 28-41-37.  Determination of a claim.

(a) In accordance with 28-41-16, upon the filing of a claim, the director shall promptly examine the claim and on the basis of facts found by the director and records maintained by the department, the claim shall be determined to be valid or invalid, if the claim is determined to be valid, the director shall promptly notify the claimant as to the week with respect to which benefits shall commence, the weekly benefit amount payable, and the maximum duration of those benefits. If the claim is determined to be invalid, the director shall likewise notify the claimant and any other interested parties of that determination and the reasons for it. If the processing of the claim is delayed for any reason, the director shall notify the claimant, in writing, within three (3) weeks of the date the application for benefits is filed of the reason for the delay. Unless the claimant or any other interested party, within fifteen (15) days, requests a hearing before the board of review, the determination with reference to the claim is final. However, for good cause shown the fifteen (15) day period may be extended after notification by the director has been mailed to his or her last known address, as provided in this section. At any time within one year from the date of a monetary determination, the director, upon request of the claimant or on his or her own motion, may reconsider his or her determination if he or she finds that an error in computation or identity has occurred in connection with it or that additional wages pertinent to the claimant's status have become available, or if that determination has been made as a result of a nondisclosure or misrepresentation of a material fact.

(b) If an appeal is duly filed, benefits with respect to the period prior to the final decision, if it is found that those benefits are payable, shall be paid only after the decision. If an appeal tribunal affirms a decision of the director, or the board of review affirms a decision of an appeal tribunal allowing benefits, those benefits shall be paid regardless of any appeal which may subsequently be taken.

History of Section.
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