Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 39
Temporary Disability Insurance — General Provisions

R.I. Gen. Laws 28-39-6

 28-39-6.  Treasurer of fund.

The general treasurer shall be custodian and treasurer of the fund and shall pay all vouchers duly authenticated and drawn upon the fund. He or she shall have custody of all moneys belonging to the fund and not otherwise held or deposited or invested pursuant to chapters 39 — 41 of this title. The general treasurer shall give bond conditioned on the faithful performance of his or her duties as custodian and treasurer of the fund, in a form prescribed by statute and approved by the attorney general, and in an amount specified by the director and approved by the governor. All premiums upon bonds required pursuant to this section when furnished by an authorized surety company or by a duly constituted governmental bonding fund shall be paid by the state from funds made available for that purpose by the general assembly. The general treasurer shall deposit the moneys in his or her custody subject to chapters 39 — 41 of this title. The general treasurer, as treasurer of the fund, shall assign any subordinates or employees to the department of labor and training that he or she deems necessary, and shall be paid out of funds made available to the department for administration purposes.

History of Section.
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