Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 39
Temporary Disability Insurance — General Provisions

R.I. Gen. Laws 28-39-14

 28-39-14.  Employers' records and reports.

Every employer and every employing unit employing any person in employment in this state shall keep true and accurate employment records of all persons employed by him or her, and of the weekly hours worked for him or her by each, and of the weekly wages paid by him or her to each person. Every employer and employing unit shall keep records containing any other information that may be prescribed. Those records shall at all times be available within this state and shall be open to inspection by the director or his or her authorized representatives at any reasonable time and as often as the director deems necessary. The director may require from any employer, or employing unit, employing any person in this state, any reports covering persons employed by him or her, on employment, wages, hours, unemployment, and related matters which the director deems necessary to the effective administration of chapters 39 — 41 of this title.

History of Section.
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