Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 1.3
Radiation Control

R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-1.3-2

§ 23-1.3-2. State radiation control agency.

(a) The director of health shall designate a unit within the department of health as the state radiation control agency.

(b) The director of health shall appoint a director of the agency, referred to as the administrator, who shall perform functions vested in the agency pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

(c) The agency shall for the protection of the public health and safety:

(1) Administer this chapter and codes, rules, or regulations promulgated under it.

(2) Develop and conduct policies and programs for evaluation of hazards associated with the use of radiation sources and for their amelioration.

(3) Develop and conduct programs with due regard for compatibility with federal programs for regulation of by-product, source, and special nuclear materials, naturally occurring and artificially produced radioactive materials, and electronic products as defined in this chapter.

(4) Have power to formulate and promulgate, amend, and repeal codes and rules and regulations, including licensing and registration of radiation sources, persons, and services as may be necessary to prohibit and prevent unnecessary radiation; provided, however, that no code, rule, regulation, amendment, or repeal shall be adopted except in accordance with the provisions of chapter 35 of title 42.

(5) Advise, consult, and cooperate with other agencies of the state, the federal government, other states and interstate agencies, political subdivisions, industries, and with groups concerned with control of radiation sources.

(6) Whenever the state emergency response plan for radiological emergencies is placed into operation, to act as the principal advisor to the governor or his or her authorized representative regarding the degree of potential hazard to the state’s population and the necessity for and types of protective actions to be taken to protect the public health and safety.

(7) Issue orders or modifications of those orders as may be necessary in connection with its proceedings.

(8) Have the authority to accept and administer loans, grants, or other funds or gifts, conditional or otherwise, in furtherance of its functions, from the federal government and from other sources, public or private.

(9) Encourage, participate in, or conduct studies, investigations, training, research, and demonstrations relating to the control of radiation hazards, the measurement of radiation, the effects on health of exposure to radiation, and related problems as it may deem necessary or advisable for the discharge of its duties under the provisions of this chapter.

(10) Collect and disseminate information relating to control of radiation sources including:

(i) Maintenance of a file of all licenses for radioactive materials or services, applications, issuances, denials, amendments, transfers, renewals, modifications, suspensions, and revocations;

(ii) Maintenance of a file of registrants requiring registration under the provisions of this chapter and any administrative or judicial action pertaining to that file; and

(iii) Maintenance of a file of all rules and regulations relating to regulation of sources of radiation, pending or promulgated, and proceedings on them.

(11) Collect and disseminate health education information relating to radiation protection.

(12) Review plans and specifications for radiation sources submitted pursuant to codes, rules, or regulations promulgated under this chapter.

(13) Conduct a program of measurement of appropriate environmental media for radiation or radioactive material whenever the administrator shall determine that a program is warranted in connection with activities originating within the state or in neighboring states.

(14) Based upon information developed by the department of health and provided by other departments and state agencies, disseminate on a quarterly basis the schedule for cleaning up nuclear and radioactive materials at the United Nuclear plant in the town of Charlestown and at the sites of other nuclear and radioactive accidents and spillages.

History of Section.
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