Title 22
General Assembly

Index of Chapters

Chapter 22-1 Composition of Senate

Chapter 22-2 Composition of House of Representatives

Chapter 22-3 Organization of General Assembly

Chapter 22-4 Exemptions and Liabilities of Members

Chapter 22-5 The Grand Committee

Chapter 22-6 Committees and Staff

Chapter 22-7 Joint Committee on Accounts and Claims

Chapter 22-7.1 Permanent Joint Committee on Water Resources

Chapter 22-7.2 Permanent Joint Committee on Highway Safety

Chapter 22-7.3 Permanent Joint Committee on Environment and Energy

Chapter 22-7.4 Permanent Joint Committee on Naming All New Buildings, Bridges, Edifices and Other State Constructions

Chapter 22-7.5 Permanent Joint Committee on Retirement [Repealed.]

Chapter 22-7.6 Permanent Joint Committee on Small Business

Chapter 22-7.7 Joint Oversight Committee on the Strategic Development Commission [Repealed.]

Chapter 22-7.8 Permanent Joint Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

Chapter 22-7.9 Permanent Joint Committee on Economic Development

Chapter 22-7.10 Permanent Joint Committee on Energy

Chapter 22-8 Legislative Council

Chapter 22-9 Petitions to General Assembly

Chapter 22-10 Lobbying

Chapter 22-11 Joint Committee on Legislative Services

Chapter 22-12 Fiscal Notes

Chapter 22-12.1 Actuarial Cost

Chapter 22-13 Auditor General

Chapter 22-14 Legislative Oversight Commission

Chapter 22-14.1 Legislative Oversight Commission for Consulting Contracts

Chapter 22-14.2 Permanent Joint Committee on State Lottery

Chapter 22-15 Permanent Commission on Volunteerism and Citizen Participation [Repealed.]

Chapter 22-16 Permanent Joint Committee on the Arts [Repealed.]

Chapter 22-17 Commission on Vehicle Emissions [Repealed.]

Chapter 22-18 Commission on Fire Safety Issues

Chapter 22-19 Commission on Youth