Title 20
Fish and Wildlife

Chapter 10

R.I. Gen. Laws § 20-10-3

§ 20-10-3. Authority to grant permits for aquaculture.

The CRMC may grant permits for the conduct of aquaculture to any person, corporation, or business entity, chartered under the laws of this state, subject to the provisions of this chapter. Those permits for coastal waters shall be for a term not to exceed fifteen (15) years and shall be renewable upon application by the permittee for successive periods of ten (10) years for each renewable period; provided, that the terms and conditions of the permit, and of any previous renewal, and the rules and regulations promulgated by the CRMC pursuant to this chapter, have been met. Permits for land-based aquaculture projects shall be for a term to be designated by rules and regulations of the CRMC. All permits with their terms and stipulations presently in effect, as of May 15, 1980, under existing laws and regulations shall continue until their expiration.

History of Section.
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