Title 2
Agriculture and Forestry

Index of Chapters

Chapter 2-1 Agricultural Functions of Department of Environmental Management

Chapter 2-2 Agricultural Experiment Station

Chapter 2-3 Cooperative Extension District Associations and the Rhode Island Agricultural Council

Chapter 2-4 Soil Conservation

Chapter 2-5 Federal Conservation Program

Chapter 2-6 Rhode Island Seed Act

Chapter 2-7 Commercial Fertilizer

Chapter 2-8 Economic Poisons [Repealed.]

Chapter 2-9 Forestry Functions of Department of Environmental Management

Chapter 2-10 State Forests and Forestry Projects

Chapter 2-11 Forest Fire Personnel

Chapter 2-12 Forest Fires and Prevention

Chapter 2-13 Northeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact

Chapter 2-14 Tree Wardens

Chapter 2-15 Protection of Trees and Plants Generally

Chapter 2-16 General Plant Pest Act

Chapter 2-16.1 Interstate Pest Control Compact

Chapter 2-17 Diseases and Parasites

Chapter 2-18 Nurseries and Nursery Stock

Chapter 2-18.1 Rhode Island Nursery Law

Chapter 2-19 Arborists

Chapter 2-20 Lumber Surveys

Chapter 2-21 Agricultural Liming Materials

Chapter 2-22 Soil Amendments

Chapter 2-23 Right to Farm

Chapter 2-23.1 Notification to Farmers

Chapter 2-23.2 Preservation of Agricultural Use

Chapter 2-24 Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact

Chapter 2-25 The Rhode Island Local Agriculture and Seafood Act

Chapter 2-26 Hemp Growth Act

Chapter 2-27  Forest Conservation Act